Sunday, September 29, 2013

Clammin' Downstairs

I'm back!  Cassandra's been spending a lot of time on the phone this week so I've had an opportunity to tend to my clams in the basement.  Everyone says it's impossible to raise clams without access to a beach, but I think they just lack imagination!

My sand table took a full year to build, but with the water pumps running smoothly and my regular plankton feedings, my little Cherrystones haven't been doing too badly.  I don't believe so anyway.  It's hard to tell through the sand.

I brought an armchair down here to eat dinner - sautéed razor clams, from Clem's (I went back!) with seared snow peas and red wine Alfredo sauce.  Even leftover from Friday it was amazing.

It'd be a lot colder down here without the heat lamps over the clams.  With them running 24/7, we won't even need to turn on the furnace until Christmas!

I think Cass is off the phone.  I'm going to stay down here a little longer, see if the clams need anything.  I might add some more salt to the water; I'll keep you posted.

razor clams at paco meralgo
Delicious razor clams

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