Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crazy - for chowder!

Cass here!  Francis has been in bed taking it easy ever since our oyster mishap, so I'm commandeering the blogging role temporarily.  My delirium was thankfully short-lived and left no lasting delusions.

This weekend I experimented with some chowders - clam only of course - and the smell has got Francis itching to get better.  I've been bringing him large bowls to build up his strength.  Here are some reactions he had to my concoctions:

Carrot Tarragon Clam Chowder

Francis said it was light and delicate, but he didn't keep it down for more than a minute.  I thought it needed more salt.

Triple Clam Chowder

I tried to make Francis guess which types of clams I used in this one by smell alone.  He guessed Cherrystone and Butter clam immediately, but couldn't place the distinctive Littleneck clams I'd secretly imported for his birthday.  I agreed that the chowder suffered from being too high-concept, and was only fair to middling in taste.

Corn, Clam and Caper Chowder

I admit, I went a little overboard with the alliteration (and with the capers) but corn is F's favourite, and he ate bowl after bowl of this particular experiment.  There was so little left for me that I was forced to subsequently make....

Clam Salad

I tossed some raw clams with baby spinach, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, blueberry balsamic vinegar and some of the expensive olive oil, and voila!  I left a small serving for Francis in the fridge but ended up eating it myself while he was sleeping.

I hope Francis is up and about soon, because my palate is simply not enough for all these clams we've got in the fridge.  And I hate packing up leftovers.

clam chowder
Chowder, clam (not one of mine)

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