Friday, September 20, 2013

Oysters? N'oysters!

Cassandra brought some oysters home today, thinking that we might enjoy them as much as clams.

She couldn't have been more wrong!

Opting to pan-fry, Cassandra added a whole stick of butter, an entire head of garlic, and her secret ingredient (which I will not reveal here).  So how, you might think, did it turn so bad?

Maybe she used old garlic.  Maybe they were bad oysters.  But we were up half the night with fevers!  Cass was hallucinating - she kept talking about bird people coming to attack her, and at one point she thought I was one of these, and she lashed out at me with her fingernails.  I had been vomiting myself and the noise was agitating her.  I had to hold her until she calmed down but it was the middle of the night before she finally fell asleep.  I haven't thrown up for a few hours but I still don't feel on top of my game.  We probably won't be going into work today.

From now on we're sticking to clams.

grain free pan fried oysters
Pan-fried oysters - not a good idea

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