Wednesday, September 18, 2013

All Clammed Around

Today Cassandra and I drove to a new clam shack near Lunenburg.  We had heard (through a colleague of hers at the restaurant) that they specialized in Razor clams - a species which is more delicious in garlic butter than even mushrooms - and we figured it would be worth the drive.  We listened to Stevie Nicks on the way (Cassandra's choice).

But when we arrived at Clem's Clams, we found to our dismay that it was closed!  They had run out of clams an hour before we arrived.  Disappointed but not discouraged, we went down to the docks to see if we could intercept some fishermen.  As luck would have it, a clam boat was just arriving, and one small financial transaction later, we had procured for ourselves a whole bucket of fresh Razor clams.  We never leave home without the cooler, so we loaded it up and drove back to the city, working up amazing appetites.  Cassandra insisted on Stevie Nicks again on the way back, in exchange promising to make her famous breaded jalapeƱo mustard clams tonight.  I indulged her, of course, and there's only one word to describe what she whipped up for us:


Clams in clean buckets

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